Our mobile vapour blasting service is perfect for rust removal, paint stripping & cleaning almost anything!

Less dust than sandblasting, less water than traditional water blasting

EcoQuip Vapour Blasting (also known as Aquablasting or wet abrasive blasting) is a non-aggressive surface preparation technique that has been developed for finer finishes on a surface. A small amount of water with media is used to remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion and old paint from a wide range of surfaces.

EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive technology differs significantly from dry, slurry and traditional water-based methods. EcoQuip employs its own patent-pending GRX Flow Dynamics technology, which optimises the air, water and media ratio. The result is a fine mist with a blast that is powerful like the dry method, but with up to 92 percent less airborne dust.

A fantastic alternative to Sandblasting or Water Blasting

Vapour Blasting is a fantastic alternative to Dry Blasting solutions like Sandblasting as it is a more gentle cleaning solution, even on delicate surfaces and produces a high-quality finish. It also produces 92% less dust!

Unlike conventional wet blasting, the mist expelled by EcoQuip quickly evaporates. No pools of water left behind. No toxic runoff to worry about. And because EcoQuip uses significantly less media than wet blasting, clean-up is minimal.


What We Do

We provide mobile vapour blasting, cleaning & restoration services throughout the lower North Island


Rust, Corrosion & Paint Removal

Our process removes all rust, corrosion and paint residues from the surface of metal, alloys, aluminum, wood or fibreglass to provide a clean surface that is ready for restoring or priming & painting.

Ideal For:

  • Car Restoration - Removing paint & rust from car bodies and car parts.

  • Boat Hulls - Removing paint & barnacles ready for repainting


Surface Cleaning

Vapour Blasting is a perfect solution to remove old paint or built up grime from a wide variety of outdoor surfaces such as:

  • Wall & Fences - removing old paint, grime & graffiti.

  • Roading & Parking - removal of old paint or parking markings.

  • Monuments & Artefact Restoration

  • Architectural stripping & cleaning

  • Industrial coating & lining removal

  • General metal, stone & wood cleaning

  • Building & site cleaning


Pool Paint REmoval & RePainting

Vapour Blasting can also be used to remove old pool paint that is starting to flake and need to be removed.

We are approved applicators for Mastermix Multicote for swimming pool coatings and can also to repaint your pool once we have removed the old paint.


 Why Choose Us?

We are focused on providing our customers with high quality finishes and the best service possible.


Gentle cleaning effect, even on delicate surfaces.

Vapour Blasting works on just about any surface and as we can control the blast pressure we can work on more delicate surfaces like soft woods.


High-quality finishes

Our Vapour Blasting produces a high-quality finish on just about any surface.

There is also no toxic wastewater runoff and no large slurry mess to clean up.


Priming & Painting

Our specialists can also complete any priming you require after we have Vapour Blasted.

We are approved applicators for Mastermix Multicote for swimming pool coatings.

 Our Work